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Iggy Pop Tribute Albums List

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Iggy Pop is an American songwriter, and occasional actor. Although he has had only limited mainstream commercial success, Iggy Pop is considered an influential innovator of punk rock, hard rock, and other related styles. He is widely acknowledged as one of the most dynamic stage performers of all time. Pop began calling himself Iggy after his first band in high school, The Iguanas.

Cover versions and tribute albums in honor of songs and music by Iggy Pop.

We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute
We Will Fall
The Iggy Pop Tribute


Various Artists

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Track List (Disc 1 of 2)
  1. 1969 - Joey Ramone
  2. Search and Destroy - Red Hot Chili Peppers,
  3. Real Wild Child - Joan Jett, Joan Jett
  4. Ordinary Bummer - Adolph's Dog
  5. I Got a Right - The Misfits
  6. Gimme Danger - Monster Magnet
  7. Lust for Life - NY Loose
  8. Loose - Pansy Division
  9. Passenger - Lunachicks
  10. 1970 - Superdrag
  11. I Wanna Be Your Dog [Live] - Joan Jett, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
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