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Oingo Boingo was an American new wave band. They are best known for their influence on other musicians, their soundtrack contributions and their high energy Halloween concerts. The band was founded in 1972 as a performance art group called The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, and from 1976 it was led by songwriter/vocalist Danny Elfman, who has since achieved substantial renown as a composer for film and television.

Cover versions and tribute albums in honor of songs and music by Oingo Boingo.

Dead Bands Party: An Oingo Boingo Tribute
Dead Bands Party
An Oingo Boingo Tribute


Various Artists

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Track List
  1. Clear Static - Dead Man's Party 4:14
  2. Let Go - Only a Lad 3:22
  3. The Matches/Zebrahead - Violent Love 2:35
  4. The Rocky Raccoons - Little Girls 3:23
  5. Reel Big Fish - We Close Our Eyes 3:52
  6. Rx Bandits - Grey Matter 6:26
  7. Hello Goodbye - Weird Science 2:27
  8. Plain White T's - Better Luck Next Time 3:26
  9. Stairwell - Just Another Day 5:34
  10. Suburban Legends - On the Outside 3:59
  11. Over It - Stay 3:27
  12. The Aquabats - The Controller 3:32
  13. Jessica Burgan - Not My Slave 3:45
  14. Finch - When the Light Go Out 5:10
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