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Whitesnake Tribute Album List

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Whitesnake are an English rock band, founded in 1977 by David Coverdale (formerly of Deep Purple). The band's early material has been compared by critics to Deep Purple but by the mid 1980s Whitesnake had moved away from the early blues influenced hard rock to a more commercial heavy metal style. Whitesnake were named the 85th greatest hard rock band of all time by VH1.

Cover versions and tribute albums in honor of songs and music by Whitesnake.

Snakebites: A Tribute to Whitesnake
A Tribute to Whitesnake


Various Artists

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Track List
  1. Crying in the Rain
  2. In the Still of the Night
  3. Here I Go Again
  4. Deeper the Love
  5. Judgement Day
  6. Looking for Love
  7. Is This Love
  8. Slow and Easy
  9. Slide It In
  10. Fool for Your Loving
  11. Love Ain't No Stranger
  12. Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City
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